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Rack and pinion pneumatic actuators for direct mount or mount to other valves.

Flat faced o-ring sealed fittings for 1/8" to 2" tube, pipe and hose to 6,000 psi; stainless steel, steel and other alloys; leaktight hydraulic and gas service; globe, needle, check and relief valves.

Precision electric spring return and non-return, quarter turn and linear valve actuators; self-locking drive - no brake required; direct mount capabilities; manual override with visual position indicator.

Double acting and spring return actuators; (direct replacement for Bettis RPC Series); ISO and NAMUR compatible.

Compact pneumatic valve actuators of scotch yoke design, double acting or spring return.  TFE piston guide rings guaranteed 2,000,000 cycles; Economical rack and pinion actuators; Electric 1/4 turn actuators in standard and explosion proof design.