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We help them: maximize uptime, increase output, decrease operating costs, improve safety, reduce inventory with just-in-time deliveries, gain consistency, and add automation. We support Engineering, Management, Maintenance Repair & Operations (MRO), Purchasing, and anyone challenged to do more with less.


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We Supply Industrial Valves and Related Instruments

Since 1986, we have been serving our clients by supplying high-quality industrial valves, related instrumentation, and accessories from Birmingham, Alabama. Our product offerings fall into six main categories:


To control flow and pressure, valves are necessary. They come in various types to fit the application in which they operate. They include: ball valve, butterfly valve, plug valve, needle valve, diaphragm valve, pinch valve, gate valve, globe valve, check valve, sanitary valve, specialty valve, sampling valve, instrument valve, safety / pressure relief valves, diaphragm valve , solenoid valve, gauge valve, diverter valve, angle valve, steam valve, control valve, and many other valve types. We offer pressure ratings from vacuum to 30,000 PSI. Valves can be sized from 1/8” thru 24”, and fabricated up to 120”. Valve bodies can be in Stainless Steel, Brass, Carbon Steel, Hastelloy, Monel, etc.

Each valve type is suitable for specific functions. Deciding what type of valve to be used in each specific application should be done by an expert with knowledge and experience. The basic classes of valve functions are:

control valve

  • Isolation valves: They stop the flow into a specific location of the system. They are also suitable for manual control of the flow. Pinch, butterfly, and ball valve are some examples of this type.
  • Control valves: They regulate the pressure or flow rate based on some factors, such as the operational needs of the system. Some common control valves are globe valve, segmented ball valve and sliding gate valves.
  • Safety relief valves: They are used to relieve the extra pressure in a system with the help of a pressure switch or a pressure regulator. For example, vacuum relief valves.
  • Non-return or Check valves: They ensure the medium flows in one direction, the right one. Such as a lift check valve.
  • Special purpose valves: They are designed to do specific functions, like a diverter valve.

We can also offer custom valves that are designed and created to perform according to your specific application needs.


Pipe, hose or tube systems can be joined by various fittings. A fitting or adapter is used to join straight lengths of pipe, hose or tube, adapt to different sizes or forms and regulate (or measure) fluid flow. They can also manipulate the direction of how fluid or gas flows through the system. These separate parts and pieces join together to provide secure, leak-free connections between sections. These different pieces are joined by various fittings, like tube fittings, pipe fittings, unions, weld fittings, hose fittings, VCO fittings, couplings, JIC fittings, compression fittings, adaptors, ORFS fittings (also called O-ring face seal fittings), calibration fittings, compression fittings, CGA fittings, ISO fittings, MILSPEC fittings , instrumentation fittings, etc.

pipe fittings

The fittings can be made of various materials, such as: Brass, Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Hastelloy, Monel, Inconel & other exotic metals as required.) Fittings can be sized from 1/16” to 2 1/2”. Fittings can operate in pressure ranges from vacuum to 10,000 PSI.

Some of the most common types of fittings are: Elbows, reducers, tees, couplings, unions, caps, crosses, plugs, swage nipples, adapters, bushings and flanges

  • Elbow fittings: When there is a need to change the direction of the flow in a system, an elbow fitting is used. They come in different angles and diameters.
  • Reducer fittings: Are used when there is a need to reduce the size of the flow.
  • Tee fittings: As the name suggests, this fitting is T shaped because of its two outlets and one inlet. The three sides of the Tee can be equal or unequal in size.


In addition to fittings and valves, sometimes there are instruments in a system that serve various purposes. Some of the instruments we supply and help specify include: hand pumps, nitrogen source kits, manifolds, a Ralston Instruments laboratory grade pressure and temperature meter and calibration device, pressure gauges, vacuum gauges, differential gauges, test gauges, process gauges, analog gauges and digital gauges, thermometers & thermowells, industrial transducers & transmitters, regulators and pressure switches, level switches, temperature switches, position indicating switches, force sensors, etc.

Some of the most widely used instruments include:

pressure regulators

  • Gauges: A pressure gauge is a method of measuring fluid, gas, water, or steam intensity to ensure there are no leaks or pressure changes that would affect the performance of the system.
  • Thermometers and thermowells: Thermometers are temperature sensors. They measure the temperature of the content. Thermowells protect thermometers and temperature probes from pressure, vibration, shock, and corrosion in tanks and pipelines. These thermowells isolate the contents of the process, so temperature sensors can be replaced without stopping flow or draining the system.
  • Transducers and transmitters: When these terms originated there was a distinctive difference between the two. A transmitter was referred to as an instrument with a current signal (i.e. 4 mA to 20 mA) and a transducer was referred to as an instrument with a voltage signal (i.e. 0 Vdc to 10 Vdc). As time has progressed these terms are now commonly interchanged for reference to either output signal.
  • Regulators: A Pressure Regulator is a mechanical device designed to regulate system flow pressure in response to upstream or downstream pressure changes.
  • Switches: Instrumentation switches come in different types, for example, valve switches, flow switches, pressure switches, temperature switches, position indicating switches, among others. As the name suggests, they are installed to indicate or control a condition in the process. A switch is a device for making, breaking, or changing the connections in an electrical circuit. Position switches are used whenever moving parts have to be positioned, controlled or monitored.

Hoses and Tubing

flexible hose

The applications and functions of hoses and tubing cover a wide range. They are useful in different systems and structures to carry liquid, gas, slurry, etc. One advantage of hoses, that has made them popular in the process industry, is their flexibility, even the metal-based ones. This versatility accounts for the varied materials they are made of. You can find them in both non-metal-based materials, such as: nylon, rubber, thermoplastic, PVC, silicone, fluoropolymer, TPR (thermoplastic rubber), latex, nylon, polypropylene, and polyethylene, among others and metal-based materials such as stainless steel, copper, steel, brass, Hastelloy, aluminum, etc.

We supply most sizes, types, materials and thickness of any type of flexible hose and custom hose assemblies and represent a wide range of fittings, couplings, & adaptors. Custom hose assemblies include: flexible metal, rubber, PTFE, beverage – DEHP & BPA free, chemical transfer, Air / coolant / stripwound hose, composite assemblies (hydraulic, pneumatic, jacketed) & expansion joints.

For tubing, we offer: import tubing, source & specification controlled domestic tubing in 304 stainless steel & 316 stainless steel dual rated, seamless tubing & welded tubing, custom coil tube available in 20’ lengths. Tubing from 1/8” to 2” OD’s with a variety of wall thicknesses & pressure ratings, ASME & ASTM compliant.

Actuation (or Actuator)

pneumatic actuators

Actuators are used to operate valves, dampers, fluid couplings, and other devices used in industrial process control. The industrial actuator can use air, hydraulic fluid, or electricity for motive power. These are referred to as pneumatic, electro-hydraulic, or electric actuators.

We supply almost any kind of actuation, including: manual, pneumatic, electric, hydraulic. 1/4 Turn, Multi-Turn, Linear, Rotary Vane. All sizes and torque outputs. On / off / jog or modulating, fail- open actuator, fail-closed actuator, fail-safe actuator, spring return actuator. In materials made from steel, aluminum, or corrosion resistant: composite, stainless & special coatings.

A valve positioner is a device mounted on the actuator that exerts or reduces air pressure as necessary to make sure the valve achieves the correct position. Positioners can be pneumatic, electro-pneumatic or digital. Positioners make sure the valve is in the position commanded by the process controller.

We supply all types of positioners, including: pneumatic, electro-pneumatic or digital.

Custom Actuator Assemblies

position indicating switch

Custom actuator assemblies are designed specifically for the customer’s needs. All components are meticulously chosen and assembled by our competent experts to meet the customer’s requirements. Whether operating pneumatically, electrically or hydraulically, we provide unmatched expertise assembling, stroking & calibrating actuated valves either on / off or modulating. Over 60 years in house experience assembling & testing valve packages.

We Proudly Represent

All products are manufactured by the foremost brands and we choose the best of the best to make the assemblies and solutions for our clients. Some of the many industrial companies we are proud to represent include:

What Differentiates Us

As an independent manufacturers’ representative, we are able to supply the best product from different brands fit to meet your specific needs. That also gives us greater insight and scope. As a result, we are technically proficient to offer equal to or better than specified that can help you stay on time and on budget. In addition, you will enjoy decreased expenses and better lead time with us.

Our experience in providing professional valve and fittings services

Over the years, we have had the honor to work for numerous governmental entities. We have provided them with the highest quality of services and products.

As examples, we are proud to have supplied the following:


Numerous awards of custom actuated valve packages.


Multiple awards of fittings, Tescom Soft Goods Repair Kits, Weksler pressure gauges, SS Braided hoses and CPV replacement parts, as well as CPV globe, needle, check and shut off valve.


(5) Ralston FieldLabs for pressure relief valve testing as well as specialty fittings


Custom built drain hoses - multiple, repeat orders of various quantities.


Oxygen charging whips, splicing tape, CPV adapters, test hoses, O-Rings, QD seal kits.

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